Posted by: The ocean update | March 20, 2018

Acid drums found dumped at sea (Australia)

The barrels found dumped at sea near Bremer Canyon. Picture : Albany Advertiser

March 20th, 2018 (Talitha Wolfe). Drums of highly corrosive hydrochloric acid have been dumped at sea near the renowned Bremer Canyon.

Three intact drums were spotted by researcher Rebecca Wellard near the world-renowned biodiversity hotspot on Thursday, with one said to contain acid remnants.

Another 200L drum was found on Friday.

Ms Wellard, who has been studying the acoustics and population dynamics of killer whales at the Bremer sub-basin since 2014, said she was appalled.

“I have never seen waste disregarded and disposed of like that,” she said.

“These drums were made of hard plastic and ocean plastic pollution is our biggest threat.

“The reality is plastic never breaks down, it only breaks up. These tiny plastic pieces, or microplastics, are threatening marine wildlife through ingestion.

“Also, any of the hydrochloric acid that may have entered the system is also worrying, as almost every marine organism is contaminated with man-made chemicals, such as pesticides and chemicals used in everyday human consumer products.”

The find has since been reported to authorities. “Every vessel out there on the ocean not only has to meet legal requirements, but has a duty of care,” the Curtin University PhD student said.

“We have polluted the ocean enough and don’t need to add any more stresses to the marine environment.”



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