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A massive oil spill on Pakistan’s coastline is threatening all Sea Life and no One’s taking responsibility

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October 26th, 2018 (Rameeza Ahmad). The Pakistan oil spill might be the worst the country has ever seen. 

An oil spill off Pakistan’s coast specifically from Mubarak Village to Churna Island is causing major problems for the marine life and residents of the area.

The oil spill is being attributed to Byco’s underwater pipeline which might have burst. However, Byco has denied this claim and said all their pipelines are perfectly intact.

According to, there is a smell which is permeating from the site of the disaster and making it hard for those living in the area and nearby to breathe.

The officials from the province’s Environmental Protection Agency visited the area of the spill but could not fully ascertain if the spill had been because of a leak in Byco’s pipeline.

The cause of the spill thus still remains unsolved. The locals in the area are very concerned about the lack of initiative taken to remedy the spill. The local counselor for the area, Sarfaraz Haroon stated that the marine life in the area was now on “borrowed time”.

Since it was only a matter of time before the marine life in the water affected by the oil spill, including turtles, dolphins, whales, and fishes would start to die.

The area seems truly devastated in the videos and pictures which have been posted online.

The Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency has still ordered Byco to halt its operations until an investigation determines the actual cause of the oil spill.



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