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How to cook a whale (russian recipe) ?

June 27th, 2019, Take a whale : beluga or killer whale, depending on your prefered meat. Make it marinate in a tiny pen, among its dejections, without food, during seven days and 1800 km (with the shocks of the road, it will be hurt, better for a firm meat). Once arrived to the destination, soak it directly in a cold water (ocean, it’s salted, so no need to season, Nature is perfect) after having tagged it (easier, later, to recatch it). You obtain a thermic shock (the heat of the animals in the same water warmed this last) responsible of a real juicy meat. BON APPETIT ! And don’t forget to thank VNIRO director Kirill Kolonchin, an expert Cordon Bleu cook.

In this video, you can see blood on the foam :

Via Quad Finn, Lyudmila, Andy, etc…

UPDATE 3) Notice what appears to be a large blood stain on the foam padding this Beluga is being lowered onto just moments before its release today in Cape Perovsky. The 2 orcas & 6 belugas were described as “clearly under stress after the journey,” but were released anyway.

Please, ask urgently to russian authorities to have an access to the geolocalization. We fear the worst.

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Ndlr Sibylline :  several hypothesis in this abnormal behavior : muscular problem due to rhabdomyolisis (destruction of the muscles -> long period of immobility, dehydration, etc…) : it means the same for the cardiac muscle, matter of buoyancy (inflammatory liquid in the digestive tract, respiratory tract, etc… wherever you have air, normally), neurological impairment

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