Posted by: The ocean update | October 13, 2015

Dead whale calf found on beach in Costa Rica

Ballena-aparecio-Tamales-Puerto-JimenezOctober 13th, 2015. A dead humpback whale calf was found on a beach in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific region, with experts saying the marine mammal apparently died of natural causes, media reports said.

The seven-meter (23-foot) cetacean, which weighed one ton, was found by a tour guide on Puerto Jimenez’s Tamales beach, in Puntarenas province.

The beach is in an area where humpbacks mate and give birth, the La Nacion newspaper said.

The calf, estimated to have been born one or two weeks ago, was found on Sunday, but the remains were gone a day later.

Biologist Frank Garita told the newspaper that the calf may have died of a disease or been attacked by adult whales.

Ed Sibylline : and what about a necropsy to know the real reason of this stranding ?

Humpback whales gather at this time of year in the Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica, drawing tourists looking to get a glimpse of the magnificent animals.





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