Posted by: The ocean update | April 19, 2016

4 killer whales rescued after getting stuck in ice (Sakhalin island)

killer-whales-rescued-Sakhalin-RussiaApril 19th, 2016. Four killer whales found themselves boxed in by ice in the freezing waters of Sakhalin (sah-kah-lin), Russia.

Local rescue teams carried out an operation to rescue the four Orcas that were wedged in the ice.

Using long poles, the rescue teams cleared the ice that blocked the killer whales in and restricted their movement.

The emergency ministry officials said they explored every possibility to assist the whales.

After several hours of moving the ice, a hole large enough to let the orcas escape was created…And the sea mammals swam off to deeper waters.

Ed Sibylline : article in Russian (link)



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