Posted by: The ocean update | August 1, 2016

Fishing boats help tangled whale (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)

entangled-whale-Newfoundland-CanadaAugust 1st, 2016. A whale tangled in a net around Northern Bay Sands got some help from three fishing boats today. Krystle Mercer lives in Northern Bay Sands. She says she saw people on the boats trying to help the whale, which was thrashing and trying to get out of the net.

She says the whale was stressed, and sometimes the boats had to move away from it. It took about 20 minutes to remove the net and guide the whale out of the bay.

Mercer says she believes it was a caplin net. She says the whale was mostly freed from the net but she was too far away to see if the operation was a total success.




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